"At age nine I was a shoe shine boy. Of all my customers, prostitutes were the kindest and best tippers."
-Larry O.
"One of the cleanest and classiest comics we've ever had."
-Pechanga Casino
"I love billiards. As a teenager I stayed up all night hustling pool. Anybody for a game of 9-ball?"
-Larry O.
"For the horror movie '21 Days', I had to learn 4 lines in the Navaho language. It took me 2 weeks. Boy was my tongue tired."
-Larry O.
"So funny and original. We brought him back right away."
-Coeur d'Alene Casino
My high school counselor said I wasn't college material. I ended up going to law school and later became a comedian who has performed at over 200 colleges.
-Larry O.
A career highlight was performing in Amman, Jordan for the King of Jordan, who then invited me to dine at the royal palace with him, Queen Rania, and their friends.
-Larry O.
My career low was performing in Dodger stadium at midnight. I was hired to entertain one-thousand movie extras who had been sitting all day and night. They were tired and hungry and didn't laugh once.
-Larry O.
"Larry is hilarious! One of the best comics we've ever used."
American Indian Housing Conference
In college I made money driving taxi and later I drove for UPS, delivering packages like a mad man!
-Larry O.
"He made our annual event a fantastic success!"
-Huntington Beach Police Dept.
My worse job ever was digging ditches for laying gas lines. It was brutal but at least I wasn't digging grave sites.
-Larry O.
"At age nine I was a shoe shine boy. Of all my customers, prostitutes were the kindest and best tippers."
-Larry O.

21 Days Supporting K. Behun/Dtr
The Blackout Co-star Starway Pictures
Never Divided Again Supporting Hong, Dir.
Barrio Thief Supporting Hitch Films
Terrorgram Supporting Blue Moon Prod.
Tenth Day Co-star DJ Prod.
Triangulation Co-star R. Soucy, Dir.
Hot In Cleveland Co-Star TVLand
The Millers Co-Star CBS/Jim Burrows/Dtr
No Ordinary Family Co-star ABC Pilot
Goin' Native Comedy Special Stand up comedy Showtime
Untold Stories of the ER Supporting TLC
The Erotic Traveler Supporting HBO / Cinemax
Mind of Mencia Principle Comedy Central
How the West Was Lost V.O. Discovery
Senshiko Feature Pilot
The Trial of Standing Bear Feature NETV
Comics Unleashed Stand up comedy Ent. TV
Culture Clash Stand up comedy FOX TV
Make Me Laugh Stand up comedy Comedy Central
Mortal Kombat 9 V.O. Warner Bros.
LA Griffith Observatory Principle Kimanirobb Prod.
San Gallo Project Principle Bill Viola Prod.
Office Pranks Principle Joytank Prod.
Office Rules Principle C. Abramowitz, Dir.
Morongo Casino V.O. Strategic Perceptions
Chevron Principle Bronstein Prod.
Stop Smoking Principle Adelphia Prod.
Kerrie Keane (on going) Scenes/Cold Read
Peer Group (on going) Improv
Bobby Roberts (on going) Commercials
Stand up comedy; Horseback; Juggling; Motorcycle; Improv; Billiards; Table Tennis; Praying

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