"At age nine I was a shoe shine boy. Of all my customers, prostitutes were the kindest and best tippers."
-Larry O.
"One of the cleanest and classiest comics we've ever had."
-Pechanga Casino
"I love billiards. As a teenager I stayed up all night hustling pool. Anybody for a game of 9-ball?"
-Larry O.
"For the horror movie '21 Days', I had to learn 4 lines in the Navaho language. It took me 2 weeks. Boy was my tongue tired."
-Larry O.
"So funny and original. We brought him back right away."
-Coeur d'Alene Casino
My high school counselor said I wasn't college material. I ended up going to law school and later became a comedian who has performed at over 200 colleges.
-Larry O.
A career highlight was performing in Amman, Jordan for the King of Jordan, who then invited me to dine at the royal palace with him, Queen Rania, and their friends.
-Larry O.
My career low was performing in Dodger stadium at midnight. I was hired to entertain one-thousand movie extras who had been sitting all day and night. They were tired and hungry and didn't laugh once.
-Larry O.
"Larry is hilarious! One of the best comics we've ever used."
American Indian Housing Conference
In college I made money driving taxi and later I drove for UPS, delivering packages like a mad man!
-Larry O.
"He made our annual event a fantastic success!"
-Huntington Beach Police Dept.
My worse job ever was digging ditches for laying gas lines. It was brutal but at least I wasn't digging grave sites.
-Larry O.
"At age nine I was a shoe shine boy. Of all my customers, prostitutes were the kindest and best tippers."
-Larry O.

3/25/2015: Tonight I will be on "Hot In Cleveland."  Check it out.  They should rename the show "Steamy in Cleveland," in honor of my appearance.   

 Somehow we're in the 3rd month of 2015.  Life is in high gear. I got out of Boston minutes before their insane 100 inches of snow began falling. Toured Iowa with Fluffy in freezing weather.  All shows were sold out.  Iowans don't care about weather... they laugh at it.  March 25 you can watch me on "Hot in Cleveland" on the TVLand Channel.  Me and Betty White steam up the screen. April 1 I will be doing a private event in San Diego in connection with the National Indian Gaming Association.  April 17th you'll find me on stage at Madison Square Garden!  Performing with Fluffy's Unity Through Laughter Tour.  New York City watch out!!   

1/7/2015: Unbelievable its already January 7th. Time just flying.  It's almost 2016! I finished 2014 on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. I think I made lots of people sea sick. I also worked Paradise Island in Nassau with Fluffy and the place is insane. The biggest water park in the universe. Most fun I've had in years.   
On Nov 17 - 21 I will be taping an episode of "Hot in Cleveland." I"ll be working with the finest comic actresses in tv history, Betty White, Wendy Malick, Valerie Bertinelli and Jane Leeves.  I am beyond thrilled for such an opportunity. 

10/20/2014:  My highlight of the year was working on an episode of "The Millers," a CBS comedy show.  I was honored to work with the best director in the biz, James Burrows.  Google his name and you will see a list of credits directing all the great comedy shows of the last 30 years.  What a high I was on all week. Also, meeting and working alongside the hiliarious JB Smoove, Will Arnett, Beau Bridges, Margo Martindale...too damn cool.  I get some great laughs with my 5 lines.  The show's creator, Greg Garcia, even gave me an extra line for an extra laugh.  This was a huge confidence booster for me as an actor.  Watch the episode on November 24, Monday night before Thanksgiving.

10/17/2014: For a few days I will be off the road and in the CBS studios shooting an episode of the hit show, The Millers.  Working with some of my fav actors, JB Smoove, Beau Bridges and Will Arnett. And the big bonus is being directed by the legendary James Burrows. I'll let you know when the episode is going to air.

9/21/2014: July and August were so hot that I couldn't type. My fingers melted together.  In August I performed with Fluffy at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo, CO.  The 7,000 Colorado buffaloes were insane!  In September I was back on the high seas fighting pirates.  I'm pretty sure they fear me cause they haven't tried even once to attack a cruise ship I'm traveling on.  On October 4, I will be at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA.  If you live nearby, maybe you can sneak in.  

7/13/14: It's been a typical summer.  My caucasian brothers and sisters baking under the sun...trying to bronzify their flesh.  Its as if they are saying to God, "You messed up!  I should be brown."   I still prefer the shade of a big oak tree.  If you're in So Cal area, come see me at the Ventura Comedy Club July 25-26.

Also, selfies have become epidemic.  It use to be that only young women took selfies but now grown men and women take them 24/7.  Where will it all end? 

5/4/2014:   Its party time in San Juan, Puerto Rico!  Of course, its always party time in San Juan.  Actually its also protest time.  I'm sitting in a coffee house in old town San Juan and union workers are marching on the street outside.  They are protesting for....something!  They should be demanding wider streets.  There is barely room for a one healthy booty to squiggle the San Juan streets. Anyway...its all good.  Protest is healthy unless the government has no sense of humor and lots of bullets.

4/14/2014:  I finished February by getting  root canal on a molar and you know what?  It was kind of fun.  Freaky?  Yes.  But that's me.  I've always had a high threshold for pain. Come on, I was married for 17 years.  Most of life is minor inconveniences, so, I just duck down, scoot around and GO!  Anyway, catch me around LA for the rest of April.  I will be at the Ice House and Laugh Factory.  

2/7/2014:  We're deep into February, days flying by.  Its almost 2015.  I worked with Fluffy in January and its always insane fun.  His fans are ridiculous.  I will be back on the ships real soon.  And I will also be entertaining fire fighters of Lemars, Iowa on the 22nd.

1/14/2014:  Last year ended with sadness.   My friend, Charlie Hill, passed on.  He wasn't just a great friend, he was a trailblazing, truth-telling, hilarious comedian.  I miss him everyday.  I also lost my sister in December.  She was the backbone of our family and a good mother to her children.  I can't believe these two people are gone but I'm thankful I was able to share many years with them.

11/17/2013: Another month has disappeared in a cloud of kick ass comedy shows.  The college kids are hilarious...to me.  A few more to go.  This weekend I'm performing with the funniest dude walking...Gabriel Iglesias, Fluffy!  We are at the Hershey Theater in Pennsylvania.  Smoking hot audiences as usual when Fluffy hits town.  I will also connect with the Fluffmeister in January.  

10/18/2013: Two months have disappeared since I updated this site.  I'm in the middle of touring 20 colleges with my Freaks R Everywhere Tour.  Check my upcoming events to see if I'm at a college near you and then show up!

8/15/2013:  Its been a typical month.  I've been working the ships,  auditioning and getting rejected for numerous films and tv shows.  Rejection is good...it builds character.  Right? 

7/30/2013: Even in the July heat I still drink hot coffee.  Is that freaky?  Anyway, look for me in a new horror flick "21 Days" . . . my role as a Navajo interpreter was a serious challenge.  My tongue was going crazy, going different directions.    

6/13/2013: The Mediteranean gig was mostly cool. Barcelona, Marseille, Rome, Naples and Messina are exciting cities.  The buildings are old but interesting; the streets are narrow and dangerous. Lots to see. The food was excellent and the Italian ice cream was the highlight . . . gelati!  I ate a couple of gallons of gelati.    People park anywhere and everywhere, mostly on the sidewalks.  

5/30/2013: May has raced by.  Spent a few days annoying the Nassau residents.  Worked several gigs around LA.  In June I will be doing my first Mediterranean tour.  Cruising several cities of Italy,Spain, and France.  Fortunately I am fluent in all those languages.  I need to brush up on my English.  

4/27/2013:  My recent trip to the state of Washington is off the hook.  The students are giving it up for my ridiculous jokes.  And for the first time ever, its been sunshine everyday.   

4/9/2013: I am returning to the great northwest, the campus of Washington State University to perform on Friday, April 12.  If you're not a student you'll have to find a way to sneak in (not that difficult)...Compton Union, 10:30PM.    

4/1/2013: April Fools came too fast.  I'm at Cal State Monterey Bay college April 3rd, and then several more colleges in Oregon and Washington later in the month.  I've had several auditions lately for movies and commercials but I am on a cold streak.  I'm due to book a movie real soon.  Showcased for the APCA Conference in Atlanta, GA and picked up a dozen more college dates for the coming months. March is screaming by!  I had a fantastic show at Oregon Tech...the Owls were a hoot.  February ended with some dynamite shows at Linfield College in Oregon and Ft Lewis College in Colorado!  March came roaring in like a kitten. I'm home in LA to recharge my battery. Working the SoCal scene and some colleges most of this month.  In February I crossed the Atlantic on a ship with 4 other comics and we gave the ship passengers quite a week of laughs.  Got to see a little of Spain.  Just enough to make me want to go back and do a complete vacation.   2012 just flew by!  Life seems to fly by when  you're having fun.  My solution to slowing down your life . . . do miserable things.  Time will drag.   On Nov 16th I showcased for NACA West.  College reps from Alaska to Arizona had the chance to see me perform live!  I will be performing at numerous colleges in the new year.   Recently I flew to Tahiti, then Aruba, then somewhere and then someplace...damn, life is flying by.  The hot summer is finally over.  My summer was highlighted performing with Fluffy at the San Diego County Fair, 9,000 strong fans of Gabriel Iglesias gave me lots of love.   Watch me on Comedy Central's Stand Up Revolution hosted by Gabriel Iglesias.  And if you play Mortal Kombat's latest release, I am Nightwolf, shaman warrior.   Pretty cool, huh.   It has been a freak-filled summer.  I survived the Hawaiian Islands, the Mexican Riviera, the Bahamas, the Arizona desert and a big gash in my skull from moving too fast into an open door.  I'm a bad dude.   Larry's jokes come fast and furious! He hits every topic: stupid stereotypes; wacked out relatives; why Santa avoids Indian reservations. Without using shocking language he will have you in convulsions and tears. Some comics attack their audience but Larry engages his audience and takes them on a roller coaster comedy ride they'll never forget. His unique point of view on multi-ethnic America has garnered numerous tv appearances and places him in great demand on the corporate circuit. His comical stories about his youth are hailed by the Los Angeles Times as, "Refreshing, funny and universal." Omaha's side-splitting jabs at every day life inspired the Las Vegas Sun to label him , "A very hip comic for the the new millennium."



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