"At age nine I was a shoe shine boy. Of all my customers, prostitutes were the kindest and best tippers."
-Larry O.
"One of the cleanest and classiest comics we've ever had."
-Pechanga Casino
"I love billiards. As a teenager I stayed up all night hustling pool. Anybody for a game of 9-ball?"
-Larry O.
"For the horror movie '21 Days', I had to learn 4 lines in the Navaho language. It took me 2 weeks. Boy was my tongue tired."
-Larry O.
"So funny and original. We brought him back right away."
-Coeur d'Alene Casino
My high school counselor said I wasn't college material. I ended up going to law school and later became a comedian who has performed at over 200 colleges.
-Larry O.
A career highlight was performing in Amman, Jordan for the King of Jordan, who then invited me to dine at the royal palace with him, Queen Rania, and their friends.
-Larry O.
My career low was performing in Dodger stadium at midnight. I was hired to entertain one-thousand movie extras who had been sitting all day and night. They were tired and hungry and didn't laugh once.
-Larry O.
"Larry is hilarious! One of the best comics we've ever used."
American Indian Housing Conference
In college I made money driving taxi and later I drove for UPS, delivering packages like a mad man!
-Larry O.
"He made our annual event a fantastic success!"
-Huntington Beach Police Dept.
My worse job ever was digging ditches for laying gas lines. It was brutal but at least I wasn't digging grave sites.
-Larry O.
"At age nine I was a shoe shine boy. Of all my customers, prostitutes were the kindest and best tippers."
-Larry O.

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